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MVWIV Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment BoardOUR VISION
Employers and residents in the region have a
foundation from which they have the opportunity to
achieve sustained economic growth and prosperty.


Individual Training Accounts

Prospective WIOA Title I training providers must apply for course eligibility approval status for their programs electronically utilizing TrainingPro, an on-line training provider registration and course application program.  It is designed to enable prospective providers to simultaneously apply for course approval for the following;

  • WIOA Title I Individual Training Accounts (ITAs)
  • Trade Adjustment Assistance Programs (TAA)
  • Training Opportunities Program (TOP/Section 30)
Training vendors can access TrainingPro at http://web.detma.org/provider/prl.asp. Any questions you have regarding entering information into TrainingPro can be addressed to the TrainingPro Help Desk at 617-626-5003.

ITA vendors must be licensed or accredited by an organization such as the MA Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE), MA Board of Higher Education, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) or other recognized accrediting agencies.

The Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board requires performance information to be entered. Local performance standards require 80% completion rate for the course, 70% entered employment rate, rate and $11.00 minimum hourly rate for placement. If you do not have performance information at this point and have not run a similar program in the past, you can justify that by stating that the course is new in Training Pro, but you will then need to start tracking performance information. After courses have been entered in Training Pro, please inform Corina Ruiz. Ms. Ruiz can be reached at either 978-682-7079 or cruiz@mvwib.org. She will then review your information. If your courses are approved, she will pass along the information to the ValleyWorks Career Center so they are aware of the new training courses and can begin to refer appropriate candidates.