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MVWIV Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment BoardOUR VISION
Employers and residents in the region have a
foundation from which they have the opportunity to
achieve sustained economic growth and prosperty.


Declaration of Principles

radiology techResults matter
We measure all defined outcomes

Honest and factual
We are able to back up everything we say

Open and inclusive
We communicate without hidden agendas or competitive exclusiveness

Integrity and Accountability
We are held accountable for impartial decisions and desired measurable results through continuous improvement

Clear and Responsive
Our constituency groups understand what the workforce board is and why it benefits their communities

The WIB provides opportunities for quality links between the workplace, the workforce, and the community

The WIB is committed to form proactive partnerships with other community organizations that contribute to the collective vision through involved and dedicated board members

The WIB supports and insists on the creation of lifelong learning resources in the region