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MVWIV Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment BoardOUR VISION
Employers and others in the region have a
forum in which to study and design policies
for increased employment and economic growth.


About Merrimack Valley

map of merrimack valley areaThe Merrimack Valley is home to over 318,000 residents throughout 15 diverse cities and towns in Northeastern Massachusetts that range from urban and traditionally industrial to rural and traditionally agricultural.

Today, the Merrimack Valley region is growing, experiencing dynamic and exciting change in its demographic composition. The greatest resource of the Merrimack Valley remains its skilled workforce.

As a regional entity, the Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board works closely with our local municipalities to bolster economic development and employment and to provide businesses in our region with the best trained workforce possible.

These local municipalities include:

City of Lawrence www.ci.lawrence.ma.us
City of Amesbury www.ci.amesbury.ma.us
City of Haverhill www.ci.haverhill.ma.us
City of Methuen www.ci.methuen.ma.us
City of Newburyport www.nbpt.us/main.htm
Town of Andover www.town.andover.ma.us
Town of Boxford http://www.town.boxford.ma.us/index.shtml
Town of Georgetown http://www.georgetownma.gov/
City of Groveland http://www.grovelandma.com
Town of Merrimac www.merrimacma.com
Town of Newbury www.townofnewbury.org
Town of North Andover www.townofnorthandover.com
Town of Rowley www.rowley-ma.com
Town of Salisbury www.salisbury-ma.com
Town of West Newbury http://www.town.west-newbury.ma.us/
Amesbury Chamber of Commerce www.amesburychamber.com
Merrimack Valley Planning Commission www.mvpc.org
Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce www.merrimackvalleychamber.com
Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce www.haverhillchamber.com
Greater Newburyport Chamber of Commerce www.newburyportchamber.org
Salisbury Chamber of Commerce www.salisburychamber.com