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MVWIV Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment BoardOUR VISION
Employers and others in the region have a
forum in which to study and design policies
for increased employment and economic growth.


Services Overview

Employers are the most important customers of the Merrimack Valley Workforce Investment Board.

The Board acts as a broker for many services available to employers through the region's workforce development system.

The board charters and oversees two "ValleyWorks" One-Stop Career Centers in the region-one in Haverhill and one in Lawrence. These centers serve the entire Merrimack Valley region.

For a complete listing of the services available through the ValleyWorks Career Center, go to http://www.ValleyWorks.cc.

The Board also partners with other regional workforce organizations and entities, such as Northern Essex Community College, local economic development organizations, the area's chambers of commerce. In addition, the Board can assist businesses in contacting numerous other local training providers.

Whether a business is considering locating in the region or an existing business experiences various human resource needs, such as downsizing or training, there are many services available at no charge.